The most influential teachers are not characterised by the amount of ‘information’ they provide, but by the learning environment they foster. Teaching yoga is much more than blandly repeating traditional wisdom. Masterful teaching is wonderfully authentic, encompassing clear and simple communication, full presence, and acceptance.

In this module we’ll explore how teaching off the mat enables you to guide your students during practice, both in person AND on Zoom.  We’ll look at the power of words, even the smallest words, to either uplift or discourage your students.  We’ll unpack how the words you speak can create a narrative in your class that helps your students to feel safe and cared for, even in a multi-level class.

In this module we’ll explore:

  • Honing effective verbal skills to enable you to teach off the mat and enhance your connection with your students
  • How to create a sacred space, both online and in person
  • Clear communication: How simple language eliminates frustration and helps your students to stay with your cues
  • Managing Classroom dynamics: Effective teaching in multi-level classes

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