Explore learning how to synchronise your breath and movement in this unheated class. The breath helps to guide your movement as you flow from one posture to the next. This class is suitable for beginners to more advanced students. As you move through the flow, you will be offered postures at varying levels and can choose whatever level works best for you.


This class is heated to 35 degrees and will make you sweat! You will find yourself flowing through postures with strength, fluidity and grace, allowing the breath to take you in and out of each posture. This class is suitable for students of all levels, however the heat adds a challenging element.


This dynamic practice will get deep into your physical and emotional bodies. We will flow in and out of challenging postures including arm balance, inversions and binds. Because this class is an intermediate level, there will be a stronger focus on unique and challenging sequencing and less of a focus on teaching the alignment of postures.


Candle lit vinyasa class to music. We will use minimal verbal prompts in this class so some previous vinyasa practice/knowledge is recommended. This provides an opportunity to not only connect with your breath and movement but also to connect to the music. Music will change weekly and clients are invited to send us music requests or playlists prior to class.