In the age of COVID and with the MeToo movement exposing years of abuse in the yoga industry, physical touch in yoga class has become a loaded topic, and rightfully so. There are many reasons touch is useful in class and there are an equal number of reasons not to touch.  It takes confidence and an understanding of subtle body energy to effectively offer physical assists to your students. In this 2-part workshop we’ll explore the art of assists; how, and more importantly WHEN to assist our students through the powerful medium of physical touch.  You will hone your ability to give safe, physical assists as well as learning how to use verbal assists to take your students deeper into their practice and help them find freedom on their mat.

With a well-thought-out approach to physical assists in our teaching, we can make our classes safer, more effective, and more empowering for everyone.

In this module we’ll explore:

  • The difference between adjusting and assisting
  • Different types of touch and their appropriateness in a class setting
  • Less is more – the art of spotting
  • A variety of spotting and assisting techniques to help your students to experience poses differently

Participants will receive a manual with photos of the assists we cover.

Special note about Touch of Grace:  There are 2 parts to the Touch of Grace Module. Part 1 will take place on 27 August and Part 2 will take place on 24 September.

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