Inversion Immersion With Julie Smerdon

Yoga invites us to dance at the edge of our comfort zone, and many yogis say that inversions are the poses they find most challenging both physically and mentally. But being upside down is a way to release fear, rock your body and sharpen your mind. Inversions such as headstand and shoulder stand are often offered in class with little or no instruction, leading to fear, frustration and risk of injury. In this 3-hour workshop we will sequentially unpack the keys to proper technique that will provide safety and freedom in these powerful poses. You’ll walk away with strategies to practice or teach inversions in any class setting. Suitable for teachers, and students of all levels who want to learn how to safely play in these magical poses. Expect your world to be shifted by the power of getting upside down in a safe, supportive and fun environment!

Date - Saturday 24th of August Time - 12:30pm to 3:00pm Cost - $75

About Julie

Julie Smerdon has been sharing yoga, meditation and inspiration since 2002. Privileged to have studied under master teachers in both yoga and meditation, Julie offers these practices as a means to inspire people to cultivate a richer experience of life. With her trademark warmth, humour, and enthusiasm Julie presents these concepts in a masterful style that blends strong technique with perceptive insights that ignite the soul.

Having earned certifications in both Power and Anusara yoga, Julie’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics and therapeutics led to her work with Cricket Australia. In addition to owning Shri Yoga, Julie has been featured in Australian Yoga Journal, Australian Yoga Life, and Style Magazine.

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