Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is based on the principle that certain parts of the body reflect the whole. Stimulating reflex points found in the feet with gentle pressure can aid the body to progressively clear blockages, re-establish energy flows and balances itself, supporting natural healing abilities and resulting in better health. 
I’m applying a constant but gentle pressure by “thumbwalking” across the area of the foot being worked, within the pain tolerance of the individual client.


The focus is on relaxation and balancing the body systems, and the session is always holistic – that is all reflexes are worked with some reflexes being emphasised a little more than others depending on individual needs.


Reflexology can:
  • Relieve stress, pain, anxiety and depression
  • Balance moods and promote positivity
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation & reduce fluid retention
  • Support healthy respiratory function
  • Reduce headache, muscular and arthritic aches & pain
  • Aid healthy digestive function & detoxification
  • Increase Energy
  • Stimulate activity of internal organs
Treatment Price:
 1hr treatment $80 

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