Flood Fundraiser - Flow and Ecstatic Dance

28th May 2022
11.00am - 1.00pm

Please join Beth, Kristy and MJ in raising money for those affected by the floods in March. We are passionate about giving back to our amazing community, and what a better way than combining yoga, dance and music to raise funds and awareness. 

Kristy and Beth will team up to teach a 45 minute vinyin class, DJ-ed by MJ, after which the music will lead into a 45 minute ecstatic dance! After the dance we will be holding a raffle for those who have purchased tickets to the event. 

We hope to have you all join us for the fun, music filled event!

 Fee: $30


Mj has been crafting conscious sound journeys for her classes varying from yin yoga to hiit cycle for over 6 years. Teaching in places such as LosAngeles and Melbourne which has shaped her style and taste in music from deep house to progressive minimal tech.

Now since being back in her hometown of Brisbane

she has been branching out and bringing soulful sound scapes to various studios in an attempt to help get people out of their heads and into their bodies.

Ecstatic dance is something she feels extremely passionate about and is excited about helping push the conscious clubbing scene here. What you can expect is a musical journey through breath and movement. Deep calming frequencies that you can move your body to.”



1.  Enter 'Revive Yoga & Wellness Centre' into the Mindbody site

2.  Create a login and enter your contact details

5.  Select and pay for your ticket.