Frequently Asked Questions

We do not require students to pre-register for any any yoga, meditation, barre or mat pilates class, however you must reserve yourself a spot in our reformer pilates classes. You may sign up through our online timetable, to the left of the class name you should see a button that says SIGN UP. Simply click on that to register. This allows for a smooth and easy check in. You can also pre-register for classes via your phone using our app ‘Revive Yoga and Wellness’

Water bottle, towel, and mat. We require all students who attend heated classes to bring a towel, if you dont have one, we hire them for $2. Unfortunataly due to COVID-19 regulations we can no longer hire out our mats. 

Discounted rates are not available online. Memberships for clients who are part of Mum&Co, SRG or students can purchase their passes at the studio.

If you have never practiced yoga before, don't worry you have come to the right place! We have several classes on the timetable which are great for beginners:

Gentle Yoga 

Yin yoga – We offer heated or unheated yin classes almost every day

Candlelight Restorative-yin yoga 

Soundshower meditation

Although we do suggest the aforementioned classes to beginners, we pride ourselves in offering a range of options of each posture during class so that all levels can participate.

YES! We love having pregnant mums participate in our classes. We have a 7-week Prenatal Yoga Course scheduled several times throughout the year (please see "Courses" tab for details), no prior yoga experience necessary. If you want to participate in other classes, the beginner level classes (see above) are also appropriate, as are our reformer pilates classes, and barre pilates classes. 

5 class passes are valid for 3 months, 10 class passes are valid for 4 months, 25 class passes are vaild for 8 months, 50 class passes are valid for 12 months. These class passes cannot be extended unless it is a true medical reason (cold or flu doesn't count, a broken limb does).

We do NOT freeze class passes or extend class passes for vacation reasons. Please plan ahead when purchasing your class pass. To avoid any uncomfortable conversations at the front desk, please do not ask for extensions.

We do NOT freeze 1, 3, 6 or 12 month unlimited passes.

We DO freeze auto-renew memberships for 2-6 weeks at a time. We require 2 weeks WRITTEN (email, text, messenger) notice to freeze or cancel auto-renew memberships. 

Please allow for enough time to: check in, take off your shoes, jackets, use the restroom, fill water, put your mat down. We encourage our students to allow at least 15 minutes to get settled before class. Arriving a minute before class starts can be distracting to other students and also stressful on yourself. Allow for a few quiet moments of sitting or lying down before class begins. Once you have entered the studio please refrain from chatting. If you wish to socialize, join us out in reception for a chat! :)  As a reminder, if you do enter class late, please enter as silently as possible.

Please refrain from bringing cell phones into the studio. In a busy world of "iphones" "ipods" "ipads" etc. we like to think of our yoga practice as a time to check out, to turn our phones off and to step away from the busyness of life. Please respect our no cell phone policy. If it is a true emergency that you bring your phone in, please turn phone OFF or to AIRPLANE MODE or to DO NOT DISTURB to avoid any ringing or buzzing during class time and keep your phone out of sight of your neighbors.

You can email us or call us if you would like to participate in Aerial yoga. Before you participate in our regularly scheduled aerial classes, you must first complete Revive's FUNdamentals course. This course consists of 2 workshops, 90 minutes each. You must complete both workshops before you can participate in the aerial classes on our timetable. The FUNdamentals course is $60 for members, $85 for nonmembers.