Energetic Healer

Connect with your own healer

I'm Nicola, I am a practicing Registered Nurse and an Energetic Healer. I have been a Reiki Practitioner for the past 10 years and since then, I have also studied a multitude of other modalities including Ka Huna Bodywork, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Medicine and Divine Energetics (just to name a few). What this means is that I incorporate these studies, and the different energies each of these modalities provide, into my practice to help facilitate your own healing journey so that you can reconnect with the trueness of who you really are. I believe that it is not the role of the practitioner to "heal" people (only you can can choose to do this) but to hold space, guide you, assist you with connecting to Source Energy and the Divine within you and remind you of who you are at your very truest essence. An Energy practitioner is like an electrical plug, offering you the opportunity to plug into this Life Force Energy and allow it to flow and bring to light that which you are ready to see. It is from this place, where you can connect with your own healer and shed the things that hold you back from living and being your highest potential human form. Soul Seed Healing is all about reconnecting you to this Divine Spark within you. I offer 1:1 sessions, workshops and Circle work. To make a booking or to find out more about how I may be able to support you, please DM via my Facebook page Soul Seed Healing, email: soulseedhealing@outlook.com or call or text 0415155026.