Baby & Me

Strengthen your body physically and mentally on this wonderful journey into Motherhood while connecting with your baby and reconnecting yourself.

Baby & Me is a time to connect with your baby and reconnect with your self. We are thrilled to be offering this course to our local new Mummas. The only requirement is that the bubs are aged between 8 weeks - before actively crawling. Baby & Me yoga and Pilates has been designed to support mothers in the postnatal months, to regain physical strength and support mothers on this beautiful journey into Motherhood. Through yoga and Pilates you will be guided to strengthen the body after birth in a safe and effective way, as well as learning ways to relax and release tension in the body physically and emotionally.'Baby & Me' classes will be focused on the mothers physical and emotional needs while engaging with baby through movement, accompanied by songs and rhymes to enhance the beautiful connect between mother and her baby.

Week 1 - Breath Work and Your Journey
Introduction to our program and each other. Finding your breathe and connecting with your baby.

Week 2 - Rest & Restore
Allowing your body to rest and restore while connecting with your baby. We will explore restorative and yin yoga poses that you can incorporate into your bonding time with your little one. This will increase the emotional and physical connection with your baby while also teaching you poses that will maximize your relaxation and restoration.

Week 3 - Let's Bring it Back Together
Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) learning techniques to help strengthen and reconnect abdominal separation and pelvic floor muscles.

Week 4 - Riding the Waves
Exploring the emotional ride of postpartum hormonal changes and ways to find balance both physically and emotionally.

Week 5 - Baby Massage with Harriett from Zelberry Women's health.
This is an opportunity to learn therapeutic massage techniques that you can use with your little one to increase bonding, as well as relieve wind & soothe your baby.

Week 6 - Mindful Movement
Discover your inner strength through a gentle yoga and pilates sequences. These movements will also improve your posture, relieve aches and pains, and improve upper body and lower body strength.

Date: TBA | Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm | Investment: $170

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