Embody various asanas, twists and binds while exploring modifications and props to benefit your personal practice

As humans we are all different: socially, emotionally and anatomically. Yoga is a personal practice; one posture could be welcomed by one yogi while another yogi may find difficulties. Therefore, every yogi holds a different asana perspective and alignment.

In this four part workshop we will discuss how to safely embody various asanas: chataranga, suns, open and closed hip postures, twists and binds. Additionally, we will explore modifications and how to us props (blocks and straps) to benefit our ability to experience asanas. This class is beneficial for both beginners and the experienced yogi.


Sun Salutations & Warrior I/II


Closed hip postures


Open hip postures


Twists / binds

This course is brought to Revive by senior yoga instructor Andrea McGuinness. After physical therapy Andrea began yoga and fell in love with the practice instantly. Yoga helped her feel stronger physically, but also experience a change mentally and emotionally. Since yoga has been in her life, Andrea has had many positive changes and experiences. Her mission as a yoga teacher is to share her passion with others in the hopes to help students discover their strength and true selves.

Date: Saturday 11th of January 2020 - Saturday 1st of February 2020 |Time: 9:00am to 10:30am | Course price: $160

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