Aerial Courses

with Albina Bezdetko

This open-level collection of 6 workshops, based on the principles and modalities of Antigravity. Each workshop you will explore movement and poses which will help integrate working with a hammock in a fun and playful way within a separate modality: Aerial Flow, Aerial Restorative, Aerial Pilates, Aerial Barre, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Play. These workshops will teach you the foundations of aerial movement in an interactive and experiential way. You can sign up to one, some or all of the workshop, be sure to book in advanced, as spaces are strictly limited.

Aerial Restorative

In the second workshop you will experience Restorative practice, learn to "check in" and use the senses to become aware..

Aerial Pilates

In this Aerial Pilates workshop, you will be incorporating the Aerial Hammock Pilates exercise, which exploring the Antigravity principle of Economy of Motion and Fulcrum Point.

Aerial Barre

In this Aerial Barre Workshop, you will get to experience the principal of Tension Vs Slack with the added sense of perturbation..

Aerial Yoga

In this Workshop you will get experience the practice of yoga and asana with an added benefit of working with a hammock.

Aerial Play

In this final session - Arial Play, you will discover the principle of Trust. By attending the previous sessions you will be very familiar with the hammock and principles previously explored.