Reiki can facilitate deep relaxation, and gently stimulate your body & mind to promote well being and support natural healing. It’s all about you. This is your time, space and energy to heal on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.


Reiki can be deeply relaxing, supporting stress reduction and promoting healing for a balanced body, mind, and spirit.


During a Reiki treatment I will direct Chi by placing and holding my hands on specific positions for several minutes at a time. This energy is able to penetrate the body at a deep cellular level; it is drawn to where it is needed and accelerates our own innate healing ability. It can also help to still active minds, and bring about greater self-awareness to aid clarity and confidence needed to make the changes necessary to improve well being.


The experience you can expect in a Reiki session is often very gentle, with perhaps sensations of heat, cold or tingling appearing and moving through your body. Alternatively, you may experience no bodily sensations of the energy moving, or conversely quite strong effects are experienced at times, including strong emotions, heightened energy flow, an energy “high”, fatigue, detox effects, and digestive shifts. The immediate physical effects are as varied as we are individual.


Treatment Price: 
1hr treatment $80 

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